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The sticky truth about lube and the slippery situations it can get you in

The sticky truth about lube and the slippery situations it can get you in


Lube! Do you love it? Do you hate it?

Well how much do you know about it?  

Astoundingly I've found from conversations with friends and from experience working in an adult shop, a lot of you don't know all that much about the different kinds of lubes that are out there. A lot of you may not know the importance of using it and a lot of you may not know just how enjoyable it can be.

There are three different kinds of lube and ranking them in order of my personal preference, I'm going to take us back to Year 10 Sex Ed and teach you a thing or two.

1. Water based - although water based lubes dry up the fastest these kinds of lubes are the safest to use both with yourself and with a partner. This is because they are safe to use with silicone toys and with latex condoms! *puts year 10 teacher hat on  "SAFE SEX IS THE BEST SEX". They are also the most easily available kind of lubricant and they are the easiest to clean up.

Cons; dry up quicker, not so good to use in water (i.e. in the shower).

2. Silicone based is the most slippery of the lube family, making it a good option for anal sex. It is safe to use with all condoms and can be used in water. It won't evaporate as quickly as water based lube or saliva and many are also free of potentially irritating glycols and glycerin; check the label for this.

TLDR silicone based lube is good for anal sex with condoms.

3. Oil based - These cannot be used with latex condoms (fine to use for polyurethane condoms). Oil based condoms can also increase the risk of urinary tract infections. Oil can also stain your sheets.

Pros: can use in water and are longer lasting than other lubricants (so you will require less re application).  Oil is also a safe option to use with silicone toys.  Massage oil is great! But personally, due to fears of thrush, I tend to keep oil based lubes away from my vagay.

Why you shouldn't  use spit as lube - Basically saliva is a bodily fluid and therefore it is a risk of a sexually transmitted infection. Only use saliva with another person when you know you are both healthy and get tested regularly. 


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